Welkom in Eindhoven

This year the Dutch edition of the EIT Alumni Startup Days will take place in Eindhoven, an epicenter of developing and expanding knowledge economy. Eindhoven already hosts Innoenergy and EIT Digital along with Eindhoven University of Technology and was selected as the Intelligent Community of The Year in the past.

This event will be hosted at EIT Digital Co-Location Centre in High Tech Campus. Tech experts and entrepreneurs will accelerate the creativity and idea generation at the event. 

We have organized creative workshops and inspiring presentations to boost creativity and entrepreneurship. We invited young companies, which will provide an opportunity to prototype on real-life cases and technologies. We asked experienced and high-calibre jury to evaluate the end business cases and prototypes the participants will come up with by the end of the weekend. And of course, our sponsors make sure that the participants don't stay hungry and not leave empty handed. 

Join us in Eindhoven for Startup Days!

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Invited Companies

We have invited startups with cutting-edge technologies in digital and sustainability. The participants will get a chance to work on real-life challenges under mentorship from The Things NetworkYado-vr,   Vito and Energy eXchange Enablers.


The Things Network is an open source, free initiative with the goal of covering the entire world with an open Internet of Things data network. They will bring some cool sensors and modules to the event to give a chance to all participants to experiment with IoT. 


YaDo-VR develops amazing products in the field of virtual reality and 3D modeling. YaDo-VR combines 3D building models with environmental parameters and provides detailed overviews and smart suggestions for many advanced applications, including solar energy analysis, noise management, flood control and urban planning.



Energy Exchange Enablers makes possible the exchange of energy by facilitating energy transactions. Their technological solutions allow equipment to respond to constantly fluctuating energy prices, thereby helping to make smart use of renewable energy sources.


VITO is a leading European independent research and technology organisation in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today: Climate change, food security, resource scarcity, sustainable energy, ageing population. VITO focuses on five different research programmes: sustainable chemistry, energy, health, materials management and land use. In those five areas of expertise, a societal transition is taking place or is urgently needed.  That is why VITO is working hard on sustainability and transition thinking as binding factors between the five research programmes.

Speakers, Workshops, Coaches


Rowdy Bijland

Rowdy is the Founder of Dutch Greenfields, a digital business building platform and the CEO at Webmark Solutions, an internationally active provider in the field of Web Development Outsourcing located in Hungary.

Anjo de Heus 

A software industry veteran, a thought leader, a visionary, an energizer, a perceptive listener and an articulate communicator. After his return from Silicon Valley, now he is working on disrupting the pricing optimization market.

Peter Langela

With over 30 years experience in IT as coach, business developer and entrepreneur for University of Twente, Kennispark Twente, EIT Digital and for several software startups.

Jeroen de Haas

Jeroen de Haas is a founder and managing director of Bright Cape. After he finished his Econometrics study he worked in the financial industry for 15 years in analytical, commercial and management positions. Recently he has started, together with 7 econometricians, a consultancy to apply Advanced Analytics in various industries. 

Hylke Visser

Hylke Visser is an EIT Digital alumni who now successfully pursuing his career in the field of Internet of Things. He has a lot of stories to tell about IoT and how to make sense of the sensors he will bring on Friday, Hylke has entrepreneurial experience and a vision on how to create business value with IoT.

Jongens van de Tekening

Flatland is the international label of Jongens van de Tekeningen, a team of designers and facilitators with a wide variety of backgrounds based in the heart of Rotterdam. The visual thinkers at Flatland work together with clients using visual thinking tools and design thinking methodologies.

Bart Dooms

Bart Dooms is a Venture Creation Manager at VITO, country lead ClimateLaunchPad, LSU coach, co-Founder of www.Haspenwood.com. Co-creation is his middle name, and the end-user is his focus. As Venture creation manager he brings people with different skills together to think how (VITO) technology can be brought to the market. As ClimateLaunchPad country lead he reviews and coaches lots of ideas that tackle climate change. Also, Bart uses cultivating communities to develop new products from stubbed apple trees. Bart is passionate about creativity and always looking for the next disruption.

The Jury


Dr Patrick Hartigan

Patrick Hartigan is the Head of the Master School at EIT Digital. Previously he was the Director and founder of Moher Technologies Ltd, an Irish marine and environmental informatics R&D company. He also created subsidiary companies in maritime training and online services. As well as directing and delivering professional education services, he has developed undergraduate courses on innovation and design for universities in Ireland and Poland. 

Patrick Hartigan holds a PhD in satellite communications and is a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET). 

Pieter van den Tillaart

Pieter van den Tillaart has more than 18 years experience in finance & international business. He used to be a finance and SAP consultant, serving Shell, Heineken and Compaq. Pieter has a successful history with Philips. Early 2008, RFM Holding was founded by Pieter. RFM engaged in several ventures and business development projects in data science and renewable energy since that time, and In 2015, he co-founded Sposea where he is responsible for legal, fiscal, finance and business development.

Guus Frericks

Guus Frericks is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a great passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. He brings 20 years of international business management and investment experience to the table. He started his career as an industrial engineer at Royal Philips Electronics.  After successful growth at Philips Guus (co)founded, invested in and accelerated over 50 startups across the globe. Now Guus is a founder of HighTechXL.

Johan Geysen

Johan Geysen – Driving Technology & Biology towards Product & World. Life sciences professional with vision & strategic leadership, strong mentoring & situational communication skills, active at the forefront of technology innovation for 30+ years.  He combines  a broad, generalist view on life sciences and insight in the transition of "Biology & Technology" to "Product & World" to apply in management positions, as consultant and venture manager in academia, RTO, big pharma, biotech SME, consulting & services.  Johan thrives on strong work ethics and he is always in search for a new challenge in supporting the next leap of innovation.

Robert Al

Robert AL (1977) is head of business development at the Innovation Lab at the Technical University Eindhoven. Within the Innovation Lab, Robert is responsible for all business development, both for students and researchers. He is a founder of STARTUP/eindhoven, the incubator for entrepreneurial students. Robert heads a group of around 12 fte in total, which combine all the experience for entrepreneurship, startup and spinoffs, IP protection, licensing and business development.





The Team

Konstantinos Tzanakakis

Passionate about building the EIT community and unlocking its true potential. Kostis has a background in electrical and computer and engineering and holds a MSc in Sustainable Energy. His curiosity for different disciplines allows him to build a holistic view about energy and sustainability. During his free time he enjoys playing the entrepreneur. He also loves spending his summers on some greek island and who knows, maybe someday his winters too.

Tibor Beke

Tibor participated in the Embedded Systems program of EIT Digital. Rumor has it, he knows the choreography for every dance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Don’t try to talk turkey when he’s around: he is all about fun and tactile moments. Nonetheless if you’re about to build the next gadget, he’s your definite early adopter!


Hugo Santana

Hugo has lived in more than five countries. He enjoys  finding the meaning of numbers in order to make predictions in different fields such as sports and poker. His travelling experience has taught him the importance of discovering new cultures and maintaining an open mind.

Liza Staravoitava

This Girl is a dreamer and believer. She is not afraid of heights and knows that falling is painful but brings so much impressions and feelings. For the record, she is not Ginger and loves painting walls. She believes in postit’s power and journeys, customer journey.

Sergio Costa

Sergio has a background in engineering, environmental policy, economics and community organizing. He is active in several projects supporting net zero energy homes from a local and community perspective. He loves overthinking any simple idea to a crazy and unexpected conclusion.

Antonio Muroni

Born and raised in Sardinia(Italy) Antonio is currently living in the Netherlands after one amazing year spent studying in Barcelona. Living in such international environments allow him to meet new culture dayly and learning something new from other people's experiences. That’s why he loves travelling, enjoying cities as well as  natural landscapes. Moreover, he likes art in every form, from cinema to photography.

Boris Nikolov

Boris is a graduate of the Service Design and Engineering track of EIT Digital and currently the Event Officer of EIT Digital Alumni. He loves bringing people together and this is the main reason why he is within the organizing team of the Startup Days for a second year in a row. Тraveling, photography and electronic music are part of his hobbies alongside interests in startups, the gaming industry and smart spaces.